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As One Kiss of The Eternal

Never overestimate your power to change others.

29 June
Not native English speaker. Translate fics into Chinese.
have The Social Network OCD, which means I read everything about this fandom, from fanfics to facebook IPO documents. (that's creepy, i know i know)
also make vids for the social network and tinker tailor soldier spy.
I ship Mark&Lexie (Grey's Anatomy), Perer&Olivia (Fringe), Damon&Elena (TVD), Arthur/Cobb (Inception), Bill Haydon/Jim Prideaux (TTSS movie), Alaric/Damon (TVD), Eduardo/Mark (TSN), Remus/Sirius (HP), Harvey/Mike (Suits), Andrew Garfield/Jesse Eisenberg (rps), Ewan McGregor/Jude Law(rps).
preparing for NMET now